Um mig

Born and raised in the town Djúpivogur in south east Iceland. After high school I founded the band Sólstrandargæjarninr with my high school friend Jónas Sigurðsson and together we wrote Icelandic songs like ´Rangur Maður´ that be came a huge hit in Iceland. After a few years in the music business in Iceland I moved to Copenhagen Denmark and studied traditional animation for a year before moving to England and studying computer visualization and animation at Bournemouth University. After graduation I joined Double Negative VFX in London and worked in the VFX industry in London for the next 10 years before moving to Vancouver Canada with my wife and three children and eventually rejoining Double Negative (DNEG). After leaving University I started working on my music in the background and with the help of my friends like Jónas I released my first solo LP in 2010 and have since release two more and I am currently in the process of finishing my fourth LP.